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Our Effects | Smoke & Fog

We design a wide variety of distribution systems for atmospheric effects.

Fog machines – We use the highest quality fog machines that are well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required with low fluid consumption. There is no compromise in the quality of components in these units. They generate the most persistent water-based smoke of any smoke machine available. We also offer many different fluids available for your particular show, weather you want fast dissipating fog to fog that lingers we can guide you to the right fluid for your application.

Cryo Jet – The CO2 jet is a state-of-the-art cryogenic effect system capable of producing thick white columns of cryo fog up to 20 feet high using liquid CO2. The units are made from stainless steel and brass construction which yield a very durable and rugged device. The CO2 jet system can be used with either high pressure liquid CO2 tanks or refrigerated liquid dewar tanks.

LSG – The LSG system produces an incredible low-lying fog effect. The system incorporates a smoke machine and a special cryogenic unit, the LSG. This system combined with a CO2 dewar tank, produces a constant, large volume of fog with the push of a button. Forget the Dry ice and hot water tanks that can potentially spill or burn the users, this unit can cover a 40×40 stage in seconds. You can also add a fog accelerator to this unit to literally white out a stage, great for reveals.

We design a wide variety of distribution systems for atmospheric effects. If you want to haze a large area outdoors-no problem, if you want to make a fog waterfall-no problem, if you want a projection screen made of fog-no problem. Smoke jets, smoke accelerators or whatever your needs are in the area of fog and/or fog distribution, we can help.