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High-Tech Special Effects is a full service special effects company with years of industry experience in the motion picture, television, commercial and music video industries.

We specialize in providing the highest quality effects, conceptual designs, and manufacturing. High-Tech Special Effects has an extensive pool of highly trained crew to draw from to meet your production needs. Our licensed technician’s are highly trained with over 30+ years of industry experience in special effects and safety.

We can create any pyrotechnic effect ranging from a small camp fire to a large building explosion…or anything in between that the script may require! With the amazing combination of lighting and cinematography, fog, wind, or rain may be that missing effect you’re looking for.

Anything from smoke, mist, steam, fog, snow, wind, rain or blazing storms can all be used to enhance your film.

  • Bullet Hits
  • Blood Hits
  • Wall Hits
  • Ground Hits
  • Zirc Hits
  • Car Windows
  • Building Windows
  • Car Explosions
  • Building Explosions
  • Aircraft Explosions
  • Oil Explosions
  • Propane Cannons
  • Flame Effects
  • Fireballs
  • Spark Showers / Short Circuit
  • Propane Effects
  • Walls of Fire
  • Camp Fires
  • Flame Bars
  • Body Burns

Projects we have completed or are currently working on include:

Music Video – Kings of Leon “Notion”
Commercial TV- HR Block
Commercial TV – Titan / Goodyear Tire
Commercial: Internet – Lincoln / Mercury
Commercial TV – Pepsi
Movie – “The Help” Wrap party
Movie – “Junkyard Dog”
Movie – CBS “Elvis Lives”
Movie – “After”
Movie – “Scorned”
TV Series Cellular South “Yall vs Us”
TV Series – Speed Channel: Season Finale “Blow It Up”
Music Video – Skillet “Hero”
Music Video – Dierks Bentley “Feel That Fire”
Music Video – Kristyle “Ride It”
Music Video – Clay Davidson “I Can’t Lie to Me”’