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Our Effects | Flames

We provide the best designed flame effects in the industry.

The systems are also some the most technically advanced flame effects systems available in the world today. We can supply propane systems which are labeled, listed and URL tested. We can provide special effect flame effects indoors or outside. The height of the flames can be controlled to be anywhere between one foot to 100 feet high.

High-Tech Special Effects is licensed and certified and armed with the best gear that money can buy. We can offer fire and flames in many different design options such as columns, plumes, fireballs and linear burn bars. We the capability of producing flame effects for team entrances or simulate a house on fire without damaging the structure. We offer flames effects for corporate events, touring acts, TV commercials, music videos, movies and private parties.

Small propane flame system is for small applications that require a real 8 – 10 foot flame effect. The units can be operated directly off a fuel tank, with no gas accumulator.

Large propane flame system is for applications that require a large flame effect up to 30 feet high! These units require a gas accumulator. Multiple flame effects can be shot incorporated from one accumulator.

Single or Multi Colored Liquid Flame System – These systems can fire one or up to five flames independently. The flame column can reach heights of up to 35 feet. Using various types of fluid for the main flame, as well as a nitrogen gas as a propellant, the system gives us the ability to shoot five independent colored flames on demand. We can program the flames to chase, bounce, and dance to the music!