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Our Effects | Confetti

Confetti and Streamers are the perfect addition to any Celebration or Event.

Whether your event is small or large confetti cannons will make an incredibly memorable moment for everyone to remember! We have everything you need to easily create incredible confetti effects for your event. Streamer Launchers – Streamer launchers or confetti cannons provide a one- time “blast” of confetti or streamers. These streamer launchers shoot streamers of all sizes up to 80 feet (or higher depending on the pressure setting and size of streamer) and confetti up to 50 feet in the air.

They can be set on the ground level or mounted from a truss/ledge to achieve different confetti looks. The streamer launchers use “sleeves” of confetti or streamers. Each barrel holds up to (2) two sleeves (4 sleeves per cannon/per shot). They can also be mixed – one sleeve of confetti and one sleeve of streamers to achieve various looks.

Confetti Blowers – Uses a 50lb CO2 siphon tank to shoot confetti up to 80 feet in height! We have blown up to 1 pound of Confetti per second! These units can do everything from a light flurry of confetti to an all out blizzard. The large confetti blowers are ideal for when you need to cover a large area such as an arena or stadium.